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Can you help with my local health codes and regulations?

Yes, of course! We do ask that you contact your local health department personally and ask for the food truck requirements and forward them to us. We will work closely with you throughout the build and help fill out any applications or plan review requirements to insure that your new food trailer or truck gets built to meet all required codes and regulations.


Are There STANDARD health codes and regulations?

Food truck health and fire codes can vary from state to state, even some counties within the state may have different codes then the rest of the state. However, there are food truck health code standards that are pretty consistent throughout the country. Such as: a three compartment sink, hand wash sink with side splash to prevent cross contamination, fresh and grey water holding tank (grey tank must be at least 15% larger than the fresh and in some states 50% larger), hot water heater, and smooth easy to wipe bright colored kitchen walls.  If you will be utilizing any cooking equipment, it will be a requirement to have a commercial hood ventilation system installed with a stainless steel backsplash behind equipment. A fire suppression system will also be most likely required, if not we still highly suggest it.


Can I provide my own truck or van for you to build out?

Sure. We are happy to build your food truck in a truck that you provide. Please just contact us with the size, model and condition of the truck along with any pics to help us better serve you with a proper build out quote.


What size truck or trailer will I need?

This will depend entirely on your kitchen equipment needs. Once all your “must have” kitchen equipment is decided upon, we will gather the overall specs of the equipment, prep space and local code requirements to determine the space needed. No matter if it’s a truck or trailer we will provide you with a scale drawing before moving forward with the build.


Will my truck be new or used?

This will completely depend on your budget. We can help find you a great used truck or we can provide you with a brand new one to build out your food truck.


What is a Fire Suppression System?

A Fire Suppression System is the best protection for kitchens using open flames, hot equipment, and cooking oils.  A fire can devastate your business and a fire suppression system automatically dispenses chemicals to suppress the flames.  When the system is activated, it shuts down the fuel supplies and electricity on equipment to prevent further fire damage.  Some municipalities require the systems, but we recommend them to anyone who is using hot cooking equipment or open flames.


How long does it take to do a custom build?

A custom build generally takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, which can vary depending on our current work load, equipment deliveries and other factors. Do not hesitate to contact us with a build type and to see what our current schedule is.



We do.  Although, we do recommend picking up the completed project at Caged Crow Fabrication for the ability to make any quick adjustments, if needed, and for a thorough final walkthrough.  We can video conference walkthroughs prior to delivery if pickup is not an option. Feel free to contact us for a quote.


What sets Caged Crow apart from other Concession Trailer Builders?

A lot. For an example, we build each trailer from the frame up, each specifically designed for it's intended purpose, weight and style. Most of the concession trailers you see on the streets today are simply purchased "enclosed cargo trailers", converted into a mobile kitchen.  Our trailers are built specifically for you!


What should I look for, when shopping for a custom builder?

We recommend that, while looking at other builder’s work, that you ZOOM IN. Look beyond the shine and more closely at the construction and details.  We have seen plenty of poorly built kitchens first hand, and when overlooked, can cause major sanitary and safety issues. It’s all in the details, something we pay very close attention to.  Find real reviews or contact any previous customers for references.  If you’re investing this kind of money, it’s a good idea to see what previous customers have to say about their experiences and how the units are holding up, after the sale. We are here to support our customers and have even been known to answer the midnight call to help a customer.

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